What Is Value Stream Process Mapping?

Today, all consumer products companies are scrambling to update their technologies to accommodate the rapid evolution of the consumer engagement platform and increase their customers’ experience. Unfortunately, far too many companies jump into the implementation of new applications and solutions thinking that a healthy dose of change management will ease the transition. The real problems are all too often the process – trying to fit an existing business process to work within the workflow of a new application. HPM will provide a deep evaluation of your existing business processes to determine the key cost and time metrics of each current state process function, carefully reengineering each process to ensure a smooth transition to the new technology solution. Services include:

  • Current State “As Is” mapping of functions, tracking data, time, cost and materials required.
  • Future State “To Be” mapping of functions including comparisons to workflow of new technology to ensure operational fit.
  • Assessment and analysis of process step values against industry best practices and future operational functions.
  • VSM Training and workshops that help teach executives the best systems for value stream mapping.