Industry Focused

Intimate understanding of past, present and future is far more than charting responses to a survey. That type of ‘research’ is available across the spectrum of subject matter; but at HPM, we believe the intelligence is often hidden deep in the facts and figures; and most companies that provide research fail to get to the nuggets of wisdom you want and need to catapult your company past the middle of the bell curve.

Our belief is it takes two distinctive efforts to get you the intelligence you must have. The first is to find those individuals who are most knowledgeable, most experienced and most respected in the specific areas we cover for you. Only they can provide the information you can count on to be accurate, trustworthy and consistent. The second is the effort it takes to produce the right questions to ask. So many research surveys these days take a very high level perspective and, in fact, often fail to generate the responses that are required to postulate observations and produce real consumable intelligence – the quality of answers YOU need to do your job. Industries and sectors served include:

Consumer Products
Consumer Electronics
Personal Care


Automotive (and Auto Aftermarket)
High Technology
Life Sciences and Pharma

Technology Focused

Today’s global business standard is one of transformation brought on by an amazing revolution in technology. Companies are forced to move at a staggering pace of speed that is both uncomfortable and, all too often, dangerous to current and future business forecasts. The term “digital transformation” is a household phrase now that applies not just to the technology itself; but the very way companies are having to do business.

HPM sees the need to not only stay abreast of the technological advances and roadmaps; but to be looking ahead at realistic impact on current and future business processes digital technology takes. New databases, new ways of analyzing data, exploding integration between devices and systems, and entirely new platforms all contribute to a need to remodel virtually every business use case plus envision and plan for entirely new use cases.

HPM helps you research new technologies and formulate effective plans to adopt and adapt those technologies to your global business. We specialize in a technique we call INNOVATION RESEARCH where our focus is on identifying and articulating technology solutions that not only enable your company to maintain pace; but provide distinct advantages to be more competitive, more customer-oriented and more successful.

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