Retail Velocity, the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based 28-year leader in retail point of sale data and analytics has chosen consumer goods veteran John Rossi to lead the company’s future beginning with a significant rebranding of the company’s marketing strategy.

Rossi was chosen by co-founder Jeff Beckett to be president and CEO of Retail Velocity 14 months ago to begin the journey toward rebranding and strategic planning of operational and product management. Under Rossi’s leadership, the company has made significant progress in revenue growth, increasing the client base and product development.

Rossi has a strong background in consumer products, working in the executive capacity at Clarkston Consulting, Plan4Demand, Capgemini, Wipro and a successful independent consulting practice. He has an excellent reputation among CPG industry leaders and has been a board member and advisor with several industry associations.

Hand Promotion Management LLC CEO, Rob Hand, states, “John is the most qualified guy I know to take on what has to be one of the most critically important needs for all consumer products companies—data quality and advanced analytics. He will take Retail Velocity to new heights of success and continue to be an innovator in this industry.”

Since 1994, Retail Velocity has been an industry leader in helping consumer goods manufacturers and retailers better collaborate to gain greater visibility into—and control of—the most timely, accurate, and reliable data. By leveraging clean, harmonized, daily demand and supply data at the most granular level, companies develop precise analytics to generate actionable insights and greater business intelligence, helping improve sell-through, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and achieve profitable growth.

With VELOCITY®, Retail Velocity’s scalable, best-in-class SaaS-based platform, consumer goods brands can rapidly import and integrate unlimited retail point-of-sale data streams with their enterprise data, as well as ingest unlimited third-party data, including syndicated data. The result: No more departmental or data silos. No more analytical conflicts or uncertainty. Having ONE version of the truth with VELOCITY, manufacturers are empowered to make more proactive strategic decisions to increase sales and gain a competitive edge, intelligently monitor and quickly respond to changes in market dynamics and consumer demand and strengthen relationships with retailers at all levels.

From sales, marketing, and supply chain teams to finance, operations, and IT, all business units become united with the same, easily accessible business intelligence and realize increased collaboration to better forecast, plan, promote, and execute profitably across all channels and departments. By eliminating confusion among your data, reporting, and analytics—and having near real-time insights—you can confidently address your most complex retail issues, including, but not limited to, on-shelf availability, promotion execution and analysis, retail replenishment, new product launches, and sales and marketing analytics.

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