Pepviz helps retailers use data to target shoppers.

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September 13, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—PepsiCo has launched Pepviz, an in-house data platform to help retailers grow their food and beverage categories, reports Campaign US.

“By bringing real-time data, advanced analytics and machine learning together with dedicated real-life experts, we’re able to reveal what matters most for you and your business with best-in-class insights,” writes Pepviz on its website.

Using the Pepviz, retailers can see data in real time and “look to the future through potential scenarios before they happen with predictive analysis,” according to Pepviz. The data retailers receive when partnering with Pepviz is hyperlocal, allowing retailers to reach shoppers at the right time. They can even see which stores shoppers are visiting and what products they’re buying while there.

“We can help [our retail partners] parse out what their consumer shopper segments look like,” Kate Garner, senior vice president at PepsiCo, told Campaign US. “Through that, we’re able to build a broader shopper agenda to help them think about growth within our categories, which is great for the partnership.”

According to Campaign US, Pepviz was strategically launched by PepsiCo during the beginning of the NFL season because the company saw consumer interest rise surrounding this year’s season compared to last year. While some consumers are planning to attend games in person, many are watching at home, and that distinction is important for retailers to understand when analyzing consumer behavior, said Garner.

Pepviz can help retailers with shopper insights and targeting, campaign development, assortment planning, defining what/where/how to merchandise and localization at the store level, among other tasks. Retailers who are interested in the data platform can reach out to their PepsiCo sales rep or insights partner for more details.

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