By CGT Staff – 02/17/2021

Crocs is automating its media management with the help of a new partnership.

The footwear brand and retailer, which sells in more than 90 countries and has annual sales of over $1 billion, has teamed with Cloudinary to automate its image management lifecycle for more engaging, visual-first consumer experiences.

Crocs tapped the provider’s Media Experience Platform in order to simplify its image management process and ensure visuals display accurately across all browsers, devices, channels and campaigns.

With the tech, Crocs is able to automatically crop, resize, transcode, filter, and optimize images for any use case in near real time.

“Crocs has strategically prioritized a digital-led route to market as a key pillar for global growth. Part of that means creating positive online experiences that keep consumers engaged throughout their journey, from the homepage to checkout,” said Michelle Connors, Crocs e-commerce product operations manager.

“Cloudinary’s image management solution will allow our development teams to create an efficient, consistent brand experience with media assets that are transformed, optimized, and delivered at the right place and the right time,” she added. “We look forward to incorporating a new level of automation while continuing to deliver the experience that consumers expect from Crocs.”

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