Acquiring the Knowledge You Want and Need

HPM provides a solid foundation of domain expertise, knowledge and skill to deliver the education you and your team need to compete in the new digital global economy. With well-planned curricula and powerful presentation, the HPM educational and training library will bring and keep your team way ahead of the curve (and the rest of the industry) in the understanding and relationship of channel and retail trade promotion, retail execution and consumer engagement across all related lines of business and more than 15 major consumer products industries.

Our philosophy is simple: Create the Right Program for Your Team and Install Lasting and Sustaining Educational Tools.  We offer a number of standardized foundation content courses you can chose from; but we also tailor each course to your specific industry, sector, line of business and mission. When the training event ends, we continue with you and your team to provide ongoing updates, webinars, and onsite updates that ensure you stay ahead and on top of your game.  Our library consists of the following courses:

  • Trade Promotion Management and Execution – An overview course designed to bring both new employees and seasoned veterans up to date on every aspect of trade promotion, retail execution/DSD, direct-to-consumer marketing, downstream data and demand signal management and TPx analytics and business intelligence.
  • Downstream Data Management and Application – How the leading companies use downstream data of all types, and how they successfully deploy systems and technologies that manage effective consumer demand.
  • The Future of Trade and Consumer Marketing – An exciting new course that breaks the wall between corporate sales and marketing, the retailer and how the future will play out. More importantly, this course teaches you how to prepare for what is coming; and how to drive more successful consumer promotions.
  • The Technology of Trade Promotion and Execution – This course focuses on the applications and solutions, platforms and technology that is being used today to manage all aspects of consumer engagement, trade channel and retail. This is a must take for anyone who is planning a vendor review, integration project or any type of platform technology change.
  • The Mechanics of Change Management for Digital Transformation OF TPx – Enough talk – this is a hard-hitting course that deals specifically with the difference between successful and failed transformation of analog systems and processes into new digital environments. Invite the CEO and you extend your chances of success tenfold!
  • Custom Courses – any combination of the above or entirely new courses you want designed can be done in rapid time and delivered on your pace and schedule. Let us help.