Advisory Services

With decades of deep domain expertise in all lines of business across all sectors of consumer products, HPM provides dependable advice and counsel to business executives in all operating departments within the company.  Our focus is on the entire consumer chain – consumer marketing, category management, assortment planning, supply chain management, trade promotion management, retail execution/direct store distribution, point of sale and consumer data management, and analytics. Industries and sectors served include:

Consumer Products
Consumer Electronics
Household Goods
Personal Care
Food Service

High Technology
Life Sciences/Pharma
Oil & Gas Retail

Transformation Consultation

The challenge for any company doing business through the channels of distribution is to be in a position to engage the modern empowered consumer/end user customer in way that ensures being able to identify, engage, convert and retain.  It takes someone who has been at the forefront of innovation, someone with vision, and a partner who has experienced the trenches as well as the boardroom to help your company achieve its objectives. Examples of types of consulting we do include:

  • Trade Promotion Management and Execution
  • Retail Execution and Direct Store Distribution
  • Demand Signal Management and Consumer Data Management
  • Integration of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing with trade and channel promotion
  • Analysis and Development of Requirements for New Vendor Selection

Partner Support

Systems integrators, technology and service vendors play a key role in the management, innovation and development of mission-critical business processes and services. HPM has a long history of providing support to SI and vendor partners to help them become more current on market trends and to be better informed and prepared to accelerate the quality of services they provide to their clients. The most common support components we provide include:

  • Competitive analysis of technology and services provided across all lines of business and more than 15 industries
  • Support for major customer engagements including assistance with responding to RFP/RFQ’s, providing solution domain expertise, and HR candidate evaluation
  • M&A guidance and counsel, due diligence performance and acquisition candidate investigation
  • Training and Education (see the Education and Training section under “SERVICES”
  • Product functionality design and assessment

Value Stream Process Mapping

Today, all consumer products companies are scrambling to update their technologies to accommodate the rapid evolution of the consumer engagement platform and increase their customers’ experience. Unfortunately, far too many companies jump into the implementation of new applications and solutions thinking that a healthy dose of change management will ease the transition. The real problems are all too often the process – trying to fit an existing business process to work within the workflow of a new application. HPM will provide a deep evaluation of your existing business processes to determine the key cost and time metrics of each current state process function, carefully reengineering each process to ensure a smooth transition to the new technology solution. Services include:

  • Current State “As Is” mapping of functions, tracking data, time, cost and materials required.
  • Future State “To Be” mapping of functions including comparisons to workflow of new technology to ensure operational fit.
  • Assessment and analysis of process step values against industry best practices and future operational functions.
  • VSM Training and workshops that help teach executives the best systems for value stream mapping.